Draught proofing existing windows & doors

We supply and install our silicone based product which effectively stops draughts and heat loss from your existing windows and doors. Our skilled installers follow a three part process which causes as little disruption to the property as possible.
  • Stage 1. Preparation - Removal of old seals, loose paint, rust etc. Application of primer where required.
  • Stage 2. Application of silicone seal
  • Stage 3. Seals checked - After the silicone curing time has elapsed windows and doors are opened and seals checked.

Thermal ceiling pads & insulation for suspended ceilings

A quick and effective solution for reducing heat loss through suspended ceilings. Our fire retardant encapsulted pads are installed with minimum disruption by our team of expert fitters.
Suspended Ceiling Insulation
Encapsulated ceiling pad

Pipework insulation

We specialise in the supply and fitting of Paroc HV foiled section pipe insulation which effectively improves your heating system efficiency.

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